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Machida Crane Kicks Couture

~ April 30th, 2011

Machida Crane Kicks Couture

Using a devastating Crane Kick, Lyoto Machida knocks out Randy Couture.

This Crane kick is part of a family of “No Can Defend” attacks. “Seagal always reinforced Machida to to try and attempt that Crane Kick, telling him how that kick will land, and when it lands it will work”, says Machida’s manager Ed Soares in the post press conference regarding Steven Seagal and how he helped Machida to craft and eventually perfect that kick.

The deadly Steven Seagal Crane Kick adds to Machida’s arsenal of assaults, lethal blows and wide range attacks. With this kicking weapon working efficiently for Lyoto Machida, as proven against the chin of Randy Couture (Captain America), the opportunity of having the chance to regain the championship belt back from Jon Jones is likely in the near future.

Lyoto Machida unleashed a brutal “NO CAN DEFEND” technique learned from a martial artist capable of taking on Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris at the same time, none other than STEVEN SEAGAL! Machida owes Seagal for the win over Randy Couture at UFC 129.

The deadly Crane kick technique has been known for a long time, Steven Seagal has been involved in training recently and influencing fighters to perfect the kick. Lyoto has trained for this kick a lot, and just wait for the right moment to pull the trigger and utilize it. Training has been switched up a little by hiring different people, nutritionists and different coaches to help in special areas. Main changes are strength conditioning, and really going back to the roots of karate, basically training on everything that had already brought Machida The Dragon a championship.

Words from Lyoto Machida immediately following his post-fight interview:

  • “I had a dream when I was 18 years old, that I would fight Randy Couture. But I thought I would never get the chance because I was too young, it was an honor to fight Randy. He is the man and a legend.”
  • “My father said in martial arts to always be different, he taught me to look for different techniques and angles.”
  • “I feel very good because I trained it a lot for this kick”
  • “My dad taught me and Mr. Steven Seagal taught me also.”

Randy Couture quotes from his UFC 129 post-fight interview:

  • “This is it. I think the last time we had this conversation I had all my teeth.”
  • “He’s a tremendous fighter. It felt like I was standing still out there, and he caught me with a great kick.”
  • “The fans have always treated me great, but to go out on that ovation was very special.”

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